Ricky Metaxas’ Story

Bernie defies gravity …. we mere mortals are left to wonder how! Not satisfied with running an extremely successful business he stands as a grandee in his field of expertise AND he’s still fighting his corner!!

We met Bernie more decades ago than I care to remember – in Buffalo at an MRS meeting or was it an IMPI conference, and his energy and excitement in his subject was admirable. Having crossed continents together, yes and crossed swords occasionally (I remember Bernie announcing emphatically that he had a great need of a hamburger rather than all the pasta being offered after the AMPERE conference in Fermo), yet our friendship remains as strong and as valuable as ever.

Over the years we have roamed streets in Amsterdam for interesting food or sampling delicious moules marinieres in the Hague during the numerous short courses in Holland, trekked ravines in Corning with a theatre visit to round off the day, met at Cincinnati where I was introduced to the World Congress initiative and dined at the Mid Summer House restaurant in Cambridge. All these meeting were interspersed with some very serious talks about IMPI, the Word Congress and AMPERE and of course microwaves where his moto was, and still is, “bridging the gap between science and industry”.

After the 2nd Word Congress in Orlando we travelled to Main, where en route we made a detour to a certain gun smith for a rare specimen -shooting is not really my thing,  dropping into a sportswear Mall for gear – shopping is not my thing, to finally tasting fresh Main  lobster – which definitely is my thing, we realised he does not do flagging, resting, opting out, or shirking. It’s Margaret and I who are left to wonder how he does it and are left hoping that some of that sense of youth rubs off on us!

All this with his inimitable unique sense of humour which we know we can’t duplicate. We enjoy his company and value a sincere and loyal friend whom we’ve grown extremely fond of.

Oh, and by the way, Susan, he couldn’t have done it without you but don’t tell him I said so!